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Previous events



AJ's, Maddox Blvd, Chincoteague, VA


Shore Made Music Festival

Shore Made Music Festival, Old Onancock High School, Onancock, VA


New Year's Eve Show

Club Car Cafe (Chris with The Reasoners), 18497 Dunne Ave, Parksley, VA


Shore Made Music Show. The Izzy and Chris cd Preachin' The Blues, Vol 1 will be featured on the Shore Made Music Show Monday Dec 12 and Saturday Dec 17 at 7pm on WESR 103.5.  You can listen on line at

Izzy and Chris open for Jason Ricci, Feb 7, Moondog's, Blanwox PA, 8:30pm

Chris to perform with Pittsburgh Blues Allstars at 20th Annual Pittsburgh Blues Festival.  July 25, 7pm. 

Izzy and Chris to perform at the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth MN, Aug 8.



Izzy and Chris to open for Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo Nov 15 at the Palace Theater. 


Harmonica legend Phil Wiggins will perform with Izzy and Chris at the Robinson Bocktown Beer and Grill on September 1.


Big News!  Izzy and Chris will be featured performers at the 2013 Virginia Harmonicafest.  Festival will be held March 7-9 in Virginia Beach.  More details to follow.


Izzy and Chris 2011 International Blues Challenge solo/duo finalists!


November 2011 Izzy and Chris will represent the US at the Himalayan Blues Festival in India and Nepal


Dilworth Academy 2011 Blues In The School Harmonica Class


Feb 2011 Izzy and Chris invited to audition for Americas Got Talent in Nashville Tenn.


Izzy and Chris are proudly booked by Center Stage Promotions


Chris is an official endorser for Seydel Harmonicas

Preachin’ The Blues Vol 1 – QUOTES    

 This guitar-and-harmonica duo, hailing from West Virginia and western Pennsylvania, is the real thing. Live, they're so earthy they sound like scuffed-up boots on a muddy trail, and this disc captures that gritty but melodic sound well. Chris's soulful harmonica dances like a dusty rain over Izzy's guitar, Dobro, and mournful vocals. Simplicity is key in these tracks; it's a real accomplishment to achieve that while still sounding honest in a style of music that's storied and, in some quarters, set in its ways. Izzy & Chris have no need to invent anything, except for writing their songs; they tap into the fundamentals of country blues and mine that vein for all it's worth.”  John Sobel, Soul Of The Blues Promoter 


  “I have an old Hot Tuna album, full of old timey folk blues tracks like this. Check out who was playing in that band- you'll see that I'm comparing Izzy and Chris to some very big names. This is a great example of the genre, superbly played, sung and recorded.  I love it.” Darowyn, Blues Guitarist, UK


 “Hey, yuppies, here’s a roll back to your college days.  Remember when two white cats would get together on guitar and harmonica and have a chemistry that would just blow the roof off the sucker?  These two cats, who came together in a chance meeting, have managed to gel in a grand way and they are keeping the train a-rollin’!  Totally cool, organic stuff that’s a blast to hear and shows you never know where some great blues is coming from next.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record


 Those two will help fill the void with the passing of John Cephas.  They are as smooth as Silk!!! with a dash of FUN (on the side) “Ramblin Bert, WHUS 91.7FM


“Okay l have to come clean, l thought here we have another Blues duo of guitar and harp. No big deal, l will give it a listen. The sound you just heard was my size 12's being extracted from my mouth as l was being treated to some of the purist no frills stripped back Blues that l have had the pleasure of hearing for a very long time. Where do l start? Do l first talk about St. Louis born Chris's amazing harp playing or do l talk about West Virginian Izzy's down the line no frills guitar? Hey maybe l just did. If you are looking for Blues as it was and can still be then this cd, "Preachin' The Blues Vol 1" is the very one you must have. The emotion is raw and pleading, tearing at you with every word then ripping into your soul with a harp that Sonny Boy would approve of. All of this is held together with a simple but sublime guitar. This is certainly one not to miss as it will make you hunger to go back and re discover the past or just appreciate that we have the talent to pay proper homage to our past masters and continue into the 21st century."  Peter Merrett is Music Manager for PBS 106.7FM in Melbourne, Australia